Thursday, July 30, 2009

The New Frugality, Indeed

This Time Magazine cover from last April is ironic in more ways than one.

The stock photo of a jar of coins was licensed from iStockphoto to illustrate the headline, "The New Frugality." Apparently, Time's interpretation of "New Frugality" started with the budget for the cover art.

Normally, a stock photo used on a cover of a magazine with Time's large circulation would garner about $3000.

Robert Lam, the contributor to iStockphoto who shot the image, received $30.

That's THIRTY dollars. 1% of the normal rate. And he's happy about it. So happy, in fact, he wants to buy a back issue and have it framed.

So in the end, he lost money. Great business model, schmuck.

By the way, he wasn't even given a cutline. iStockphoto received it.

Oooh, the irony!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

RIP - Spring Training in South Florida

Yesterday the Baltimore Orioles reached agreement with Sarasota city and county commissioners on a 30-year deal to move the club's spring training games to Ed Smith Stadium.

The announcement means the likely end to 47 year old Ft. Lauderdale Stadium, which hosted the New York Yankees from 1962-95, and the Orioles from 1996-2009.

The Orioles and the city had reached an agreement to refurbish the aging ballpark back in 2007, but the FAA, who owns the land on which both the park and neighboring Lockhart Stadium sit, demanded an increase in annual payment to the agency to nearly $1.3 million.

The news means that Florida Atlantic University will not be under as much pressure to build their proposed on campus football stadium. The football team has played their home games at Lockhart Stadium since 2003. Lockhart was to be razed to make room for the proposed refurbished Orioles complex.

In the 1980's, the Orioles called Bobby Maduro Stadium in Miami home. The Yankees were at Ft. Lauderdale Stadium, the Braves and Expos at West Palm Beach Municipal Stadium and the Rangers were at Pompano Beach Municipal Stadium. The Cleveland Indians were to occupy a stadium in Homestead until Hurricane Andrew nearly destroyed it in 1992.

They are all gone now.

The closest spring training home to South Floridians is now in Jupiter, where the Marlins and Cardinals train and play at Roger Dean Stadium.

The Sun-Sentinel has a photo gallery of the stadium throughout the years here.

UPDATE: I'm getting challenged by some of you about Jupiter not being part of South Florida. Technically, Jupiter is GEOGRAPHICALLY part of South Florida as it lies just a couple of miles inside the Palm Beach County line, and Palm Brach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties are considered South Florida but it's not CULTURALLY part of it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Darryl Sharpton

Miami Hurricanes linebacker Darryl Sharpton teaches a member of the Pembroke Pines Optimist Bengals proper techniques during a camp at the Pembroke Pines Recreation Center fields last Friday. Former 'Canes Earl Little and Jon Beason were PPO Bengals while growing up in the area.

Friday, July 17, 2009

From the Vault

The late Steve McNair, here in happier times before a 2004 Titans game against the Dolphins. McNair was found murdered on July 4th.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 Relaunches

The new version of, my Miami Hurricanes photo archive, debuted last week. The archive is now hosted by Zenfolio, who offers customers a simpler interface and high quality printing by Mpix. Low resolution digital downloads are also available for use in your personal web pages and projects, or as screen savers. Users can launch slideshows and make galleries of their favorite photos. Over 7,000 edited images of football baseball and basketball are now online. I will be adding volleyball and soccer soon, and other sports will follow throughout the year. I will also add more images of vintage football, baseball and basketball over time. was founded in March 2000, and on the morning of the spring football game the next month the site showcased the 'Canes unveiling of their new uniforms. The site received 10,000 visits, and 250,000 page views that weekend alone.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A.J. Highsmith: Then & Now

You never know what you might find in your archive. Hurricanes football incoming freshmen reported to campus last week, and getting their head shots taken was the first stop on their tour of the Hecht Athletic Center.

When A.J. Highsmith sat for his shot, it reminded me of a time 17 years ago, when his father, Alonzo, hired me to shoot A.J.'s first birthday party:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Randy Shannon

Last month I had a few minutes with Miami Hurricanes head coach Randy Shannon in the studio. I applied a bit of a Business Week-ish retro look to the image and here is the result.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The End of an Era

Last January, on Inauguration Day, an era came to a close.

No, I'm not speaking of the changing of the guard in Washington D.C.

Instead, I'm referring to pro sports ownership in South Florida.

Wayne Huizinga finalized a deal on that day to sell another 45% of the Miami Dolphins to real estate tycoon Stephen Ross. Ross had acquired 50% of the team from Huizinga last year.

Huizenga has sold his last majority ownership in a South Florida sports franchise. In the 1990s, Huizenga owned three teams: the Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers. Huizenga brought both baseball and hockey to South Florida when Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League granted him expansion franchises.

The future for the Dolphins is bright after Huizinga cut his losses and brought in Bill Parcells to clean house. The team went from 1-15 in 2007 to 11-5 last season. The other two franchises continue to flounder. The Panthers haven't made the playoffs since 2000, and the Marlins, even with a World Series win in 2003, can't draw fans. Both franchises had been mentioned in relocation rumors over the years, the Marlins to Portland, Charlotte or Las Vegas, and the Panthers to Canada. While the Marlins will break ground on a new stadium on the old Orange Bowl site soon, the Panthers were sold in a package where the most valuable piece in the deal might be for the management rights to the building they play in, the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Relaunches

The new version of, my Florida Atlantic Owls photo archive, debuted last week. The archive is now hosted by Zenfolio, who offers customer control of cropping and high quality printing by Mpix. Low resolution digital downloads are also available for use in your personal web pages and projects, or as screen savers. Over 34,000 images, nearly my entire FAU archive, are now online. From track to football, every sport is now available for print or download.